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Anthony Sanseverino

Age: 23

SUMMARY: Anthony’s dream of becoming an engineer began in high school, when he first applied for the CAI scholarship in his senior year. During his four years at college, he kept in touch with the association that awarded him grant money for tuition. “I was able to attend my dream school for engineering thanks to the CAI scholarship. I see first-hand how much of an impact it has on learning. Thanks to the scholarship, I was able to afford my education and continue on in my career choice.”

Current Employer: L3Harris; Aerospace and Defense Co., Dallas TX.

Position / Job Title: Associate Structural Engineer

University and Degree: Georgia Tech, B.S. in Civil Engineering, 2023

CAI Scholarships: 2020 – 2022

Favorite Course:
Mechanics of Solids or Deformable Bodies – “My professor in this course, Dr. Larry Jacobs, highlighted real life problems and explained how what we were learning would be applicable to the industry and in challenges we might face. It’s the behavior of materials under certain loads and stresses and the durability and strength of materials for a variety of different engineering disciplines. It definitely had an impact on my job choice and career path.”

Why this professional choice:
“I always loved math and sciences and in high school I’d accompany my dad (a member of Operating Engineers Union Local 137) on his jobsites to see the buildings being built. My high school teachers encouraged me as well. The combination led me to where I am now, working on aerospace structures for aircraft.”

“Dr. Larry Jacobs, one of my professors who taught in the school of Civil and Mechanical engineering at Georgia Tech, was always available to me and, in fact, is still a mentor.”

Biggest Career Choice Surprise:
“I realized there was more to engineering than just structures and building. In college I met like-minded people interested in a variety of fields and I spoke with alumni and professors who helped me realize you can do anything you want with your degree if you’re willing to learn. My interest moved to aerospace and the more I studied it the more I knew it was the right path for me. The most positive surprise was seeing this collaboration of people working together and the wealth of knowledge pooled on a project has made me a better thinker.”

My Goals Beyond:
“To keep learning and grow into an expert by doing the best I can through the projects at work and through education. I’m starting an online masters’ degree in Mechanical Engineering at UCLA in the fall.”

Greatest Accomplishment to Date:
“I’m proud of my degree in Civil Engineering. It was my first step into this field, coming up on a year now, and although it wasn’t easy, it was the right choice for me. I remember a Stanford commencement speech Steve Jobs gave about achievement. He said, ‘You cannot connect the dots looking forward. You can only connect the dots looking back.’ That rings true to me because you put the building blocks in place one step at a time, then you look back and see how it all becomes connected.”

Advice to Offer Students:
“Be humble. Ask questions. You think you know a lot, but then you see what you can and need to learn from the people around you. Your superiors and peers love seeing you engaged and eager to learn. Their passion and experience help you to achieve a connection with them and enables you to develop more responsibility. Have confidence in yourself, but be aware of the need to be curious and keep learning from those around you.”

Favorite Interests /Hobbies:
“Time with my family, golf, projects involving 3-D printing and electronics. I’m building an electric guitar for my dad.”

Family relationship to BCA/CAI:
Anthony’s father is Rocco Sanseverino, a member with IUOE Local 137 in Briarcliff Manor, NY.

Anthony grew up in LaGrangeville, NY and attended Kennedy Catholic High School in Somers, NY. He now resides in Dallas, TX.

Researched and written by Sheila Smith Drapeau

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