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Jack Badick

Age: 23

Current Employer: Department of Defense Naval Undersea Warfare Center, Newport, RI

Position / Job Title: Mechanical Engineer

University and Degree
University of Rhode Island, B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, 2022

Year(s) Construction Advancement Institute Scholarships were received:
2020 and 2021

Favorite Course:
“Statics was the first true engineering class I attended as a freshman. This one course is where the classroom learning really clicked for me. It was pure mathematics, which helped convince me that I was enrolled in the right learning environment for me.”

Why this professional choice:
“Although I began with an interest in Civil Engineering, I soon switched to Mechanical Engineering once I gained a better understanding of the opportunities and the many doors that opened for me in this field. Specifically,
Fluid Dynamics opened my mind to new pathways of learning, and it gave me a solid base for what I would eventually do after graduation. Also, I was always
attracted to military and defense strategies and tactics— I’m an avid war gamer. So this field made the most sense to me.”

Biggest challenges in your work:
“I do a lot of coding, which was something I didn’t realize at first how much of Engineering is dependent upon. Coding wasn’t really highlighted in the program, but at the job, coding language has become the biggest challenge for me.”

Biggest surprises upon entering the field:
“How there was a real lack of a clear ‘on-ramp’ for new hires. Nothing was sequential; everything hit me concurrently. I was drawn into the fire of
meeting deadlines and, at the same time, learning the organizational structure as well as the red tape that’s required to do my job effectively. This lack of an on-ramp took about four months for me to climb before I fully understood what I was doing and what my job is.”

Words of wisdom for a young person entering the field:
Have patience. That’s No. 1. There are so many challenges and things to learn that a student may not understand everything from a class or course material to build a solid foundation. But have patience; there’s always time to catch up. If things aren’t making sense at first, don’t worry and don’t drop it. You’ll be happy you put in the work later on.

Greatest accomplishment so far:
Making the right choice for my first job. I attended a recruiting event for the
Naval Undersea Warfare Center and was offered a job two months after the initial interview. It was my first choice.

Favorite interests or hobbies:
War Games, played on a board, not on a computer. It’s the mental exercise I love, the strategy, the critical thinking. Another favorite is Twilight Imperium, another scenario-based game.

Family relationship to BCA/CAI:
My uncle is Richard Kimmerer, an employee of Peter Gisondi & Son, Inc., a BCA member painting contractor.

Jake grew up in Congers, NY and graduated from Clarkstown North High School in Rockland in 2018. He now resides in North Kingstown, RI.

—Alan Kennedy, Researcher and Writer

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