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Hudson Valley Construction Industry Partnership


Ritz-Carlton, Naples, Florida • February 25 – February 29, 2024
175 Members and Guests Convene to Discuss Management & Labor Concerns,
Contracting Challenges, Labor Relations, Public Works
And Private Development Programs.

Photos above (moving clockwise from top left):

1 – Gina Sullivan and Dan Ortega of Operating Engineers L.U.825/ELEC program

2 – From left, Carlos Gonzalez and Anthony Ascencao of Laborers L.U. 60, Chris Cerone of Laborers L.U 17 (in background), TJ Smith and Frank Marchese Jr. of NYS Laborers Health and Safety, Jessica Marchese, Anthony Fresina of Laborers L.U. 190 and Lori Fresina, and Jay Fragoso of Laborers L.U. 60.

3 – From left, Fred Sciliano of LeChase Construction Services, Dominick Montesano of Montesano Brothers, Inc., Rocco Circosta of Peckham Materials Corp., Laura Greechan (wife of Westchester County Commissioner of Transportation and Public Works, not pictured), and Rosemary Circosta.

4 – From left, Steve Reich of Laborers L.U. 754, Dom Diviesti of MDS Mechanical, Todd Diorio of Laborers L.U. 17, and Anthony Fresina Laborers L.U. 190.

5 – From left, Jack Frazier of American Global, Dan Depew of Holt Construction Corp., and Justin Darrow of Darlind Associates, Inc.

6 – From left, Louis Picani, Dominick Cassanelli, Jr., and Roger Toranto of Teamsters L.U. 456, Marra Intrusano, Jenifer Corrao of Schroder Investment Management, and Michael Martinez of Teamsters L.U. 456.

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