Teamsters L.U. 456 Creates
On-the-Job Trainee Program

By GEORGE DRAPEAU III – February 2024

ELMSFORD, NY—Teamsters Local 456 has created an on-the-job training program that enables a CDL-licensed driver/trainee to ride along in construction vehicles with an experienced driver/employee of signatory/CIC-member companies to develop the knowledge and skill to safely and effectively operate equipment used in construction.

“The CDL-licensed trainee will ride along with your employee experienced driver until the experienced driver is confident the CDL-licensed trainee can switch seats and operate the vehicle under the supervision of your employee/driver,” said John Cooney, Jr., executive director of the Construction Industry Council of Westchester & Hudson Valley, Inc.

“This is the best and most practical way for Local 456 to increase the supply of qualified CDL drivers of construction vehicles for our industry,” Mr. Cooney added. “There is a nationwide shortage of qualified truck drivers. Teamsters Local 456 has also invested in this advanced in-class training program using state-of-the-art technology to create a truck simulator cab in its headquarters in Elmsford.”

Young drivers benefit from one-on-one learning in the cab with an experienced journeymen driver to accelerate learning to operate actual heavy construction vehicles and equipment used on jobsites.

There is no cost to CIC employers; the insurance, combined with the “Hold Harmless Agreement” protects contractors and owners from any liability or damage.

“The hold-harmless insurance protection coverage for CIC employers is a great way for young drivers to fast-track their learning and to acquire the skills they need to operate construction dump trucks and other specialty vehicles,” explained Denise June, training director of Teamsters 456. The goal is to help satisfy the strong and growing demand for qualified and fully trained drivers of construction equipment.

“You can call this ‘old-school, hands-on apprenticeship training,’” Ms. June added. “Finally, trainees can now have one-onone learning with a journey member trainer in the cab to learn how to operate the actual equipment contractors and employers use in supply yards, over the road and on their jobsites.” The special insurance coverage was key to the creation of the program, Mr. Cooney stressed. “It holds the CIC employer harmless.”

For more information on the Practical Drivers Training Program, visit or call Mr. Cooney at 914- 631-6070 or at [email protected]

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